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Lapata, Mirella, Frank Keller and Christoph Scheepers. 2003. Intra-sentential context effects on the interpretation of logical metonymy. Cognitive Science 27 (4) : 649–668. 20 pp.
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Verbs such as 'enjoy' in 'the student enjoyed the book' exhibit logical metonymy: 'enjoy' is interpreted as 'enjoy reading'. Theoretical work [by Pustejovski, 'Computational Linguistics' 17 (4) (1991) 409; 'The Generative Lexicon', MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1995] predicts that this interpretation can be influenced by intra-sentential context, e.g., by the subject of 'enjoy'. In this article, we test this prediction using a completion experiment and find that the interpretation of a metonymic verb is influenced by the semantic role of its subject. We present a Bayesian model that accounts for the interpretation of logical metonymy and achieves a good fit on our experimental data. We show that the parameters of the model can be estimated from completion data or from corpus data. (Mirella Lapata, Frank Keller and Christoph Scheepers)