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Leavy, Aisling M., Fiona A. McSorley and Lisa A. Boté. 2007. An examination of what metaphor construction reveals about the evolution of preservice teachers' beliefs about teaching and learning. Teaching and Teacher Education 23 (7) : 1217–1233. 17 pp.
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Examination of prospective teachers' beliefs about teaching and learning on entry to teacher education programs, and tracking the development of these beliefs in light of academic and field-based experiences, is a critical task for teacher educators. The study examines metaphor construction as a tool to gain access to, and promote the development of, prospective teachers' beliefs through the incorporation of reflective activities that integrate academic and field-based experiences. Specifically, this research examines how metaphorical representations of preservice elementary teachers' in the United States and Europe changed and examines the factors influencing the development of beliefs and the modification of metaphors. (Aisling M. Leavy, Fiona A. McSorley and Lisa A. Boté)