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Leont'eva, T. V. 2006. The human intellect in the light of "plant" metaphors [Transliterated]. Issues in Cognitive Linguistics 54 (5) : 57–77. 21 pp.
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In an analysis of the lexical semantic field of the human intellect, a complex portrait of human cognitive abilities and processes is developed by integrating motivational analyses of 16 metaphors based on vegetation that occur in lexical and phraseological units of Russian at the literary, dialectal, and slang levels of language. Partial and complete motifs are distinguished from motivational dominants in the structure of the vegetative metaphoric code to justify its treatment as an independent system in lexical semantic field analysis. Particular attention is given to the functions of five of the 16 metaphors: (1) wood of good vs. poor quality; (2) the tree as a source of durable materials; (3) a metaphor of fruit as a substitute for the human head; (4) vegetative debris, i.e., weeds, moss, or straw, as a substitute for essential contents of the human head; (5) intellectual activity as the growth of various crops. Adapted from the source document (LLBA, Accession Number 200703743, (c) CSA [2007]. All rights reserved.)