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Fusaroli, Riccardo, Paolo Demuru and Anna Maria Borghi. 2012. The Intersubjectivity of Embodiment. Journal of Cognitive Semiotics 4 (1). i, 1-250 pp.
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List of Contents: - Fusaroli, Riccardo / Paolo Demuru / Anna M. Borghi: Introduction: The Intersubjectivity of Embodiment. - Colwyn Trevarthen: Embodied Human Intersubjectivity: Imaginative Agency, To Share Meaning. - Violi, Patrizia: How Our Bodies Become Us: Embodiment, Semiosis, and Intersubjectivity. - Kimmel, Michael: Intersubjectivity at Close Quarters: How Dancers of Tango Argentino Use Imagery for Interaction and Improvisation / Michael Kimmel - Gentilucci, Maurizio / Claudia Giannelli / Giovanna Cristina Campione / Francesca Ferri: Intersubjectivity and Embodied Communicative Systems - Andrén, Mats: The Social World Within Reach: Intersubjective Manifestations of Action Completion - Quaeghebeur, Liesbet: The ‘All-at-Onceness’ of Embodied, Face-to-Face Interaction - Sambre, Paul: Fleshing Out Language and Intersubjectivity: An Exploration of Merleau-Ponty’s Legacy to Cognitive Linguistics - De Bruin, Leon / Sanneke de Haan: Enactivism and Social Cognition: In Search of the Whole Story