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Lin, Chienjer Charles. 2003. Review of Zoltán Kövecses. 2002. 'Metaphor: A Practical Introduction'. New York: Oxford University Press. Babel A.F.I.A.L.: Aspectos de filología inglesa y alemana 32 (4) : 596–599.
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This is the first textbook on metaphor to appear after the cognitive linguistic revolution of metaphorical research launched two decades ago by Lakoff and Johnson with their pioneering work, 'Metaphors we live by'. Much scholarship has since been devoted to this paradigm of research. Twenty years have passed, and Kövecses takes this as a good time to summarize the development of the field. Writing a textbook on metaphor certainly reflects the maturation of the study of metaphor within the cognitive linguistic tradition. Targeted readers are undergraduate and graduate students with interests in metaphor and cognitive linguistics. Experienced researchers may also find this book helpful in motivating new ideas. (Chienjer Charles Lin)