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Littlemore, Jeannette. 2002. Developing metaphor interpretation strategies for students of economics: A case study. European Journal of English Studies 21 (4) : 40–61. 22 pp.
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Much of the language used in economic writing depends heavily on the metaphoric extension of word meanings. In light of this fact, this article attempts to answer two research questions that may be of interest to teachers of English to students of economics. Do students of economics actually find such metaphoric language problematic? If so, can they be helped to develop strategies to overcome these problems? An in-depth, qualitative study was carried out with an intermediate student following an intensive reading course in English for Economics. A technique is described through which the student was trained in the use of metaphor interpretation strategies, in order to better understand figurative vocabulary. (LLBA 2003, vol. 37, n. 2)