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Aukoury, Paul. 2012. Authentic Educational Reform: Listening for the Wholeness of the Live Encounter. Journal of Thought 47 (2) : 42–62. 21 pp.
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Journal of Thought fund, the Gale Group


In this article, the author approaches educational reform by reframing the issue as a whole. It is suggested that finding the balance between truth as empirically verifiable and truth as the "unceasing mystery, awe, and wonder of life itself" is the first step towards real educational reform. The author asks policy makers and educators to shed their preconceptions of what reform is, and proposes that the way to transform teaching is to first transform the heart of the teacher. The author draws upon metaphors used in Chuang Tzu’s "The Woodcarver" and the concepts of truth put forward by the philosopher Martin Heidegger, as a "figurative basis" for self-reflection-and-inquiry into “authentic listening.” Finally, Khing’s bell stand provides a way to look ahead at the continuing process of using authentic listening as the most important ingredient for reform.