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Liu, Zhengguan and Runqing Liu. 2003. Transliterated title not available (Vi + NP: From the perspective of decategorization). Studia Linguistica Universitatis Iagellonicae Cracoviensis 35 (4, July) : 243–250. 8 pp.


Based on the prototype theory and supported by typological research findings, this paper claims and defends that decategorization makes the Vi + NP possible by creating an in-between category between the transitive and intransitive, thus providing the attraction force of the Vt + O for the Vi + NP or the motivation for the transitive's erosion into the intransitive due to the transitive's cognitive salience which results in the realization of economy in the expression of Vi + NP. One of the theoretical advantages of this theory is to better explain the syntactic restrictions the Vi + NP construction receives. The paper has also proposed that metaphoricity and the cognitive metonymy model can serve as principles for the construction's grammaticality judgment and that the principle of adversary relationship can explain the differences in meaning when the setting is raised to object as the background. (LLBA, Adapted from the source document, Accession Number 200312069)