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Lizcano, Emmánuel. 1999. La metáfora como analizador social. 32 pp.


Departing from the idea that not only any given discourse is filled with metaphors (regardless the fact that most of them go unnoticed), but also having in mind that metaphor functions as an organizing principle of both the internal logic and the contents of discourse, the author attempts to scrutinize metaphors as a powerful tool to approach the relationship between mathematics and the social sciences. There are two basic hypotheses underlying this article: a) each and every scientific concept is metaphorical, b) the metaphorical activity is not merely a linguistic process, but it is also an activity that reveals the context and the experience of the subject, framed within a specific socio-historical background. Lizcano further claims that a systematic analysis of metaphors can give access to the study of the social substratum, which constitutes every given discourse, more specifically the scientific kind. (Alba Luzondo Oyón, Ruiz de Mendoza Group)