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Lopez-Garcia, Angel. 2005. The Grammar of Genes: How the Genetic Code Resembles the Linguistic Code. Bern: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. 182 pp.
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Book – monograph
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Mankind is the only speaking species on earth. Hence language is supposed to have genetic basis, no matter whether it relies on general intelligence, or on a linguistic lodule. This study proposes that universal formal properties of the linguistic code merged from the genetic code through duplication. The proportion of segmental duplication is clearly higher in the human genome than in any other species, and duplication took place 6 million years ago when humans separated from the ther hominid branches. The evolution of language is therefore supposed to be a radual process with a break. This book describes a lot of striking formal resem-lances the genetic code and the linguistic code hold in common. The book aims D reconcile generative grammar with cognitive semiotics showing that both of them onstitute instances of embodiment. (Publisher Book Description)