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Manouba-Tunis, Tunisia


The present collection is a selection of papers from the RAAM IV (Researching And Applying Metaphor) Conference organized at the University of Manouba, Department of English, Tunisia (April, 2001) by the editor of this issue. The Conference was a follow-up event of the successful previous conferences held in York, England (1996), Copenhagen, Denmark (1997), and Tilburg, Holland (1999). In continuation of the previous editions, RAAM IV managed to keep active the two fundamental components of researching and applying metaphor, and the monolingual and cross-linguistic approaches to metaphor. RAAM IV included various panels on: (i) Pictorial Metaphor, Sign, and Gesture, (ii) Metaphor Identification and Processing, (iii) Cognitive Metaphor, (iv) Metaphor in EFL and in Educational Discourse, (v) Metaphor and Discourse, (vi) Metaphor and Emotion, (vii) Metaphor, Cognition, and Culture, (viii), Metaphor, Semantics, Pragmatics, (ix) Metaphor in Literature, and (x) Poetic Metaphor. This volume is a collection of select papers from researchers who chose to submit theirs to the editor and to have them peer-reviewed for publication. The collection is organized into four thematic sections revolving around (i) Metaphor production, processing metaphor, and metaphoric processing, (ii) Metaphor in discourse, (iii) Conceptual metaphor, and (iv) Conceptual blending. (Zouhair Maalej)