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Mac Cormac, Earl R. 1990. Review of 'The Presence of Myth' by Leszek Kolakowski. 1989. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, xii + 138 pages, $19.95 (hardcover). Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso 5 (1) : 63–65.
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Kolakowski sketches the thesis that humans simultaneously live in the realms of science and myth. The realm of science consists of empirical perception, fact, scientific theory, and technology. Myth provides values, meaning, and transcendence. Science cannot eliminate myth without destroying culture, and myth cannot replace the givenness of bodily, empirical existence Although reason and myth conflict, they are also interrelated. Kolakowski spends an entire chapter (chapter 4) describing the modern belief in reason as rooted in myth. (Earl R. Mac Cormac)