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McGhee Nelson, Elizabeth Marie. 1993. The effect of metaphor on group reminiscence. Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso 8 (4) : 297–309. 13 pp.
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These two studies examine the usefulness of metaphor in reminiscence groups. The purpose of this research is to determine whether metaphor prompts the reminiscer to share more of his or her life with a group and enhance the pleasurable experience of reminiscence for both reminiscer and listener. In Experiment 1, subjects in a group setting performed one of three tasks: (a) produced metaphorical sentences, (b) produced nonmetaphorical sentences, or (c) read and answered questions about a story. Subjects orally related an experience from his or her past. The number of propositions produced was measured. Subjects rated how much they enjoyed relating the experience, how comfortable they were, and how easy it was to do so. More propositions were produced in the metaphor condition. In Experiment 2, subjects listened to a tape of an elderly man reminiscing; One tape contained metaphors, one did not. Subjects rated how pleasurable the listening experience was, and their memory for details from the tape was assessed. No difference in recall was found between the two groups. (Elizabeth McGhee Nelson)