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Michels, Anke. 2002. Metaphern in französischen Fußballreportagen. 02.


The article is an excerpt of my masters thesis. Its topic is a comparative analysis of the commentaries made during the final of the 1998 world cup and during the final of the Euro 2000 – both of which were broadcast live on French television. I focused my analysis on a comparison of the metaphors used by the commentators. Similar analysis of reports in the press had already been done, it was therefore interesting to compare and relate both the press reports and the broadcasting commentaries. The analysis of the metaphorical microstructures relies on Weinrich's text-based empirical theory of the 'Bildfeld' (conceptual field). This article refers to the most common categories of 'Bildspender' (sorce domain) which appeared in the commentaries of the matches. Excerpts of the commentaries then exemplify these categories. (Anke Michels)