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Miller, David James. 1998. Wittgenstein: Time for a new philosophical practice. 14 pp.
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Article in journal
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This essay gathers Wittgenstein‘s comments and considerations concerning the philosophical investigation of time. Time here serves as an exemplary instance of Wittgenstein‘s manner of philosophical critique and his turn to a new practice of philosophy. His comments on time demonstrate this two-fold movement. On the one hand, he concerns himself with pointing out the ’’wrong turns‘‘ philosophers take when they ask: ’’What is time?‘‘ These include a semantic error, the over reliance on figurative language, the felt need for definitions, and a mistaken assumption about the task of philosophy that underlies these problems. On the other hand, he concerns himself with dwelling upon and describing time as an intricate and dynamic interweaving, a manifold and ongoing entanglement of human practices. (David James Miller)