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Momirovic, Dragan. 1994. Review of 'Metaphor II: A Classified Bibliography of Publications 1985 to 1990' by Jean-Pierre van Noppen and Edith Hols (Comps.). 1990. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 350 pages, cloth. Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso 9 (4) : 301–303.
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"The Nuclear Weapons Freeze and a Cancer Metaphor: A Physician's View," "One for All Is Worth Two in the Bush: Mixing Metaphor Creates Lawyer Conflict of Interest Problems in Residential Real-Estate Transactions," "Medicine Is War and Other Medical Metaphors," "Metaphoric Revolution: In Quest of a Manifesto for Governance Through Metaphor"- such titles typify a formidable body of around 4,500 sources on metaphor expertly compiled and classified by Jean-Pierre van Noppen and Edith Hols. The Bibliography displays an effort to attenuate [necessary] restrictions; obviously, as large as possible a number of contributors were engaged, providing material more varied than in previous metaphor bibliographies. At the same time, notable sources lacking in those are listed here, as well as some 60 belatedly received titles. Four indexes, in addition, facilitate the search through disciplines, tenors, vehicles, semantic fields, theoretical notions, uses of metaphor, and names. (Dragan Momirovic)