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Moreno Lara, Mª Ángeles. 2007. Operaciones cognitivas y formación de significado: La violencia urbana. 17 pp.


The paper analyses some conceptual mechanisms of the language used by the French press in November 2005. These expressions have to do with urban violence. Two metaphors have stood out. They are "SOCIETY IS A BODY" and "ORGANIZATIONS ARE TEXTILE STRUCTURES", both of which share the conceptual structure of the primary metaphor "ORGANIZATIONS ARE PHYSICAL STRUCTURES". They explain the main characteristics of society, its organization, its political system and its civic cohesion / split. Apart from the physical source domain of the structure, other source domain expressions, such as sport and war, have also been studied due to its conceptual coherence with the target domain of social violence. Finally, the paper relates this analysis with the cognitive operations related with the derivation of meaning such as expansion or reduction of domain, contextual implicatures and the mapping reinforcement principle. (Mª Asunción Barreras Gómez, Ruiz de Mendoza Group)