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Müller, Ralph. 2006. Review of Bödeker, Hans Erich (ed.). 2002. 'Begriffsgeschichte, Diskursgeschichte, Metapherngeschichte'. Mit Beiträgen von Mark Bevir, Hans Erich Bödeker, Lutz Danneberg, Jaques Guilhaumou, Reinhart Koselleck, Ulrich Ricken und Rüdiger Zill. Göttingen: Wa. 11. URL
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This important book illuminates some theoretical issues of the analysis of language use in social contexts from a historical perspective. The main focus is put on the presentation of various schools of conceptual history, (“Begriffsgeschichte” or “Historische Semantik” in Germany, “socio-histoire des concepts” in France, and the history of ideas in the vein of the “Cambridge School”), which all share a common interest in the analysis of the development of fundamental concepts or terms such as “liberty”, “democracy” or “progress”. However, the structure of the book displays a strong emphasis on the German tradition of the history of concepts, which is complemented by chapters in French and English. (Ralph Müller)