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Nakaoka, Mika, Taro Tezuka and Katsumi Tanaka. 2006. WebDriving: Web browsing based on a driving metaphor for improved children's e-learning. International Conference of Greek Linguistics 4080 : 499–508. 10 pp. URL
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A novel approach to Web browsing called "WebDriving" is described that automatically extracts information from the Web and places it in a 3D space, enabling children to easily view the information while “driving through the 3D world”. The user can visualize not only the target Web page, but also the "peripheral information" (that is, linked and other related pages) in the same 3D world. This makes the user aware of other relevant Web pages while browsing the target Web page. Our WebDriving browser is well suited for theme-based “investigative learning”, which is now being promoted at many elementary schools in Japan. (Mika Nakaoka, Taro Tezuka and Katsumi Tanaka)