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Negro Alousque, Isabel. 2000. Polysemy in the semantic field of movement in the English language. Humanities 21 : 205–224. 20 pp.


This paper attempts to demonstrate that the lexicon is not neatly divided through the analysis of the semantic field of MOVEMENT in the English language. First the model of lexical description followed in this analysis is described. This functional-lexematic model (Martin Mingorance, Leocadia, 1984) consists of three levels of analysis: paradigmatic, syntagmatic, and cognitive. Next the double/multiple membership of MOVEMENT verbs are analyzed within their semantic field (intrafield membership) and across the lexicon (interfield membership). Intrafield membership is determined by three factors: focalization of a meaning component, genus of the lexeme, and metaphorical extension of the lexical unit. Interfield membership is accounted for by metaphorical processes. (LLBA, Adapted from the source document, Accession Number 200106270, (c) CSA [2000]. All rights reserved.)