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Norrick, Neal R. 1993. Repetition in canned jokes and spontaneous conversational joking. Humor 6 (4) : 385–402. 18 pp.
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A discussion of some aspects of the repetition of words & actions in canned jokes & conversational joking. Two theories of joking, one stressing the automatic aspect of repetition as mechanical action, & the other stressing its creative aspect in clever variation, provide a dual perspective for this investigation. Analysis of the forms & functions of repetition in canned jokes & in spontaneous joking shows the various ways in which the two-fold character of repetition, automatic reproduction as opposed to creative variation, impacts on jokes & joking. Repetition in hyperbole, sarcasm, irony, & punning is also a tool of conversationalists. Joking allows participants to define appropriate talk for their interaction & establish a rapport. Further investigation is needed on the metalinguistic function of joking to identify inappropriate patterns of talk & its creation of a shared way of speaking & the rapport thus established. ((LLBA, (c) CSA [1994]. All rights reserved)