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Norrick, Neal R. 2004. Hyperbole, extreme case formulation. Journal of Pragmatics 36 (9) : 1727–1739. 13 pp.
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Research on hyperbole has generally lumped extreme case formulations (ECF) together with other types of overstatement, but I present various sorts of arguments here for distinguishing the two. After relating ECF, hyperbole and overstatement in a general way, I will show that hyperbole and ECF occur in different kinds of formulaic units, with different distributions and different contextual effects. Third, I discuss the relation of ECF, hyperbole and the ''non-literal.'' Fourth, I will show that ECF and hyperbole are comprehended in different ways. Fifth, I present examples showing that ECF and hyperbole receive different responses in following talk. Finally, I explore comparisons with God as an example of ECF without extreme expressions. (Neal R. Norrick)