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Nurbakhsh, Dr. Javad. 1987. Sufi Symbolism: The Nurbakhsh Encyclopedia of Sufi Terminology (Farhang-E Nurbakhsh) : Love, Lover, Beloved, Allusions and Metaphors: 2. London; New York.
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Book – monograph
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0933546122(v.1); 0933546319(v.2); 0933546351(v.3); 0933546408(v.4); 0933546459(v.5); 0933546483(v.6)


v. 1. Parts of the beloved's body; and Wine, music, audition and convivial gatherings v. 2. Love, lover, beloved, allusions, and metaphors v. 3. Religious terminology v. 4. Symbolism of the natural world v. 5. Veils and clothing, government, economics and commerce, medicine and healing v. 6. Titles and epithets v. 7. Contemplative disciplines, visions and theophanies, family relationships, servants of God, names of Sufi orders v. 8. Inspirations, revelations, lights, charismatic powers, states and stations, praise and condemnation v. 9. Spiritual faculties, spiritual organs, knowledge, gnosis, wisdom and perfection v. 10-12. Spiritual states and mystical stations v. 13. Scribes, pens, tablets, Koranic letters, words, discourse, speech, divine names, attributes, and essence v. 14. The unity of being v. 15 [Mystical terminology]. Vol. <_8-15>: 1st ed./ Includes bibliographical references and indexes (From Ning Yu)