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O'connor, Loretta. 2004. Going getting tired: 'Associated motion' through space and time in Lowland Chontal. In Achard, Michel and Suzanne Kemmer. Language, Culture, and Mind. Stanford: CSLI Publications. pp. 181–190. 10 pp.
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Stanford: CSLI Publications


This paper focuses on two morphemes of associated motion in Chontal that contribute sub events of "motion away from source" and "motion to goal," respectively. The same morphemes are also required to form certain expressions of change of state, and here they present an intriguing twist: the semantic transfer of "motion through space" to "evolution through time" seems to reverse entailments about the full realization of the event. The proposed explanation for the seeming mismatch is two fold. First, the verbal roots of the state change predications are identified as stative, not inchoative, a claim reflected in the morpheme glosses. Expressions with these roots exploit the semantics of "change" in associated motion morphology to encode a change of state. Second, different stages of a change event are distinguished by the two morphemes. (Loretta O'Connor)