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Ogarkova, Anna. 2007. "Green-eyed monsters": A corpus-based study of metaphoric conceptualizations of jealousy and envy in modern English. 13 : 87–147. 61 pp.


Through the use of the metaphorical pattern analysis given by Stefanowitsch in 2006, and a quantitative distributional analysis of the frequencies of occurrence of metaphoric expressions, the paper deals with the emotion concepts of jealousy and envy to identify their central conceptual metaphors. The author uncovers relevant language-dependent differences in the metaphoric conceptualization of the two semantically close concepts under study. The contrastive analysis of the conceptual mappings to jealousy and envy shows that the former is viewed as external to the experiencer, whereas the latter seems to be felt as internal to the human body or as a possession. Moreover, basic and secondary emotions differ significantly in their associations to particular source domains. The distinctive criteria used in science to differentiate between primary and secondary emotions is consistent with the conventional ways of speaking about these emotions using ordinary language. (Begoña Casasnovas Gil, Ruiz de Mendoza Group)