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Walker, Maxime. 2013. How Do You Read It?’ Rowan Williams, Marilynne Robinson and Mapping a Postmodern Reading of the Good Samaritan Parable. Journal of Anglican Studies : 1–23. 23 pp.
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This paper explores the Good Samaritan parable. More specifically, the author tries to provide an answer to the parable question who is my neighbour? In so doing, the author employs the interpretations proposed by the theologian Rowan Williams and the novelist Marilynne Robinson in their books On Christian Theology (2000) and Housekeeping (1980). The author contends that Williams’ work approaches the opening question of the parable by identifying reading strategies that aid the reader in the understanding of parables; Robinson's book addresses the lives of unconnected women, shedding new light on the question from a contemporary perspective.