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Oim, Haldur and Ilona Tragel. 2007. Teoreetilise keeleteaduse arengust mujal ja meil XXI sajandi algul (Theoretical linguistics abroad and home at the beginning of the 21st century). Child Development 2 : 98–115. 18 pp.


This article gives an overview of the development of theoretical linguistics. The authors concentrate on the similarities and differences between the formal and functional approaches to language. They also present a short history of the paradigms and the main ideas that those paradigms have contributed to linguistic research. A short overview is given of generative grammar, image-schematic semantics, conceptual metaphor theory, natural semantic metalanguage, Talmy's cognitive semantics, cognitive grammar, neural theory of language, functional grammar, role and reference grammar and Mustajoki's functional syntax theory. The authors also discuss what kind of theory could be the most useful to meet the challenges of modern linguistics. (Adapted from the source document) (LLBA, Accession Number, 200801870 (c) CSA [2008]. All rights reserved.)