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Wilkinsa, Peter and Mark Donovana. 2007. A Conversation With Virus X: Outing a Malevolent and Subversive Force in Parents' Lives. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 28 (3) : 138–145. 8 pp.
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The present article is intended to help parents deal with problems that may arise when educating their children. In order to do so, the author proposes working in groups and conceptualizing, what causes parents not to be as good parents as they would like to be as an external force that prevents parents to do what they know they should be doing. This external force will be known as ‘Virus X’. This way of conceptualizing the parents’ inability to be what they would like to be as a virus, that is, an external agent that causes disease, allows the therapist to propose ‘antidotes’ that may ‘cure’ the ‘disease’ caused by the virus.