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Ozcaliskan, Seyda. 2004. Typological variation in encoding the manner, path and ground components of a metaphorical motion event. Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 2 : 73–102. 30 pp.


The paper focuses on the metaphorical extensions of motion events (e.g. hours pass by) and studies the lexicalization patterns in encoding different semantic components of a metaphorical motion event - namely, manner, path and ground. The article compares two typologically distinct languages according to Talmy's dichotomy: a verb-framed language (Turkish) and a satellite-framed language (English). Quantitative analysis has been carried out on a sample of randomly chosen instances of metaphorical motion events, taken from twenty novels originally written in Turkish and in English. It has been examined if typological differences in literal uses of the lexicon extend to the metaphorical uses of the lexicon. The data points to some similarities between English and Turkish, especially in encoding path and ground elements. (Begoña Casasnovas Gil, Ruiz de Mendoza Group)