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Paccaud-Huguet, Josiane. 1993. Structure perverse et écriture dans 'Women in Love' (Perverse structure and writing in 'Women in Love'). 16 pp.


Different aspects of the structural perspective of 'Women in Love' by D. H. Lawrence are discussed in order to trace the perverse themes and new relations in his writing. The metaphorical relation between the perverse attempt of the polymorphous manifestations is examined: homosexuality, sado-masochism, voyeurism, and the verbal creation in the body of language. The similarities between the writing and the subject's perspective in relation to castration are also underlined. Lawrence's attempt to reach beyond the psyche through his writing and the play of driving emotions in the content and language of the novel are compared and assessed. Slightly modified repetition is noted to be a trait of the writing and the numerous repetitions are found to be connected to a content of phantasmal representation. A relation among repetition, metonymy, and metaphor is traced throughout the text, and the new literary realm is said to be the effect of a language oriented toward new relations between signifiers. (Copyright 1993, Sociological Abstracts, Inc., all rights reserved.) (J. Repath in LLBA 1993, vol. 27, n. 3)