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Palamidese, Patrizia. 1996. A camera motion metaphor based on film grammar. 18 pp.
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Though a camera may theoretically move anywhere in space, when creating a computer film a director may want to perform a limited set of precise manoeuvres. The traditional camera model based on status variables lets users control all the camera degrees of freedom but does not help them define context-driven camera motions. As sophisticated and photorealistic 3D worlds are being created, higher level camera control methods are required to make shots which describe the world content. This paper presents a camera operator oriented interface which incorporates camera motion rules derived from accepted conventions in filming practice. The camera operator can use a set of basic techniques and concepts such as framing, tracking, panning, zooming and shooting to build complex camera actions. This paper describes a procedural interface for writing camera motion procedures and an interactive tool for planning camera shots within any 3D geometric world. (Patrizia Palamidese)