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Palmer, Gary B. 2003. Talking about thinking in Tagalog (Austronesian). Cognitive Linguistics 14 (2/3) : 251–280. 30 pp.
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This study examines Tagalog (Austronesian) expressions pertaining to cognition. It focuses on (1) the location of thinking terms within the categorization of experience and (2) the grammar of thinking. Also discussed are Tagalog (Austronesian) philosophy of thought, metaphors of thinking, and sequential cognitive metamodels. The taxonomy of experiential terms has three main categories: (a) thought, (b) transient feelings caused by external events, and (c) ways of doing things (thought processes). In the grammar of thinking each term has its own set of rules and contexts, but in general, as in English, thinking in Tagalog (Austronesian) is prototypically something you do, while feelings are something you experience. (Gary Palmer)