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Palmer, Gary B., Cliff Goddard and Penny Lee. 2003. Talking about Thinking across Languages. Special issue of Cognitive Linguistics 14 (2/3) : 97–108 12 pp.


This volume examines the grammar of talk about thinking and the linguistic categorization of thinking in a variety of languages drawn from different families: East Cree (Algonquian), Amharic (Afro-Asiatic), English (Indo-European), Mandarin (Sino-Tibetan), and Tagalog (Austronesian) (Western Austronesian) Gary B. Palmer 97 Introduction Cliff Goddard 109 of variation Ning Yu 141 Chinese metaphors of thinking Marie-Odile Junker 167 A Native American view of the "mind" as seen in the lexicon of cognition in East Cree Mengistu Amberber 195 The grammatical encoding of "thinking" in Amharic Penny Lee 221 "Feeling of the mind" in talk about thinking in English Gary B. Palmer 251 Talking about thinking in Tagalog (Austronesian)