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Hsiaoa, Chi-hua and Lily I-wen Su. 2010. Metaphor and hyperbolic expressions of emotion in Mandarin Chinese conversation. Journal of Pragmatics 42 (5) : 1380–1396. 17 pp.
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This study investigates hyperbolic expressions of emotion in Mandarin Chinese conversations in Taiwan. In particular, it explores 1) how hyperbole is realised via a variety of syntactic devices based on metaphor, and 2) how hyperbole takes affective stance to evidence speakers’ intersubjectification. The study demonstrates that some syntactic devices used to render hyperbole include polysyndeton, extreme case formulation, resultative verb construction, and four-word idiomatic construction. Results show that hyperbolic expressions of emotion reveal that hyperbole often draws on metaphor. The study maintains that the analogical and imaginative capacities of metaphor offer possibility to speakers to deal with exaggerative interpretations of events. These interpretations further increase speakers’ intersubjectification.