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Pascual, Esther. 2006. Fictive interaction within the sentence: A communicative type of fictivity in grammar. Cognitive Linguistics 17 (2) : 245–267. 23 pp.
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This paper examines the intersection of language, interaction and cognition. Specifically, a communicative type of fictivity is discussed, which I call fictive verbal interaction or simply fictive interaction (Pascual 2002). This constitutes a self-sufficient discourse unit conceptualized within a non-factive communicative occurrence, which functions syntactically and semantically as a grammatical constituent. Attested examples at different syntactic levels are dealt with. These levels are: (i) the clause (e.g., The attitude that, yes, I can do it); (ii) the phrase (e.g., The attitude of yes, I can do it.); and (iii) the lexical item (e.g., The 'yes, I can do it' attitude). (Esther Pascual)