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Peña Cervel, María Sandra. 1999. Subsidiarity relationships between image-schemas: An approach to the force schema. Unveiling Emotions. Sources and Methods for the Study of Emotions in the Greek World. 1 : 187–207. 21 pp.
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This paper analyses the subsidiarity status which the FORCE schema holds with respect to the PATH schema and the way in which the different kinds of FORCE depend on the more basic notion of FORCE. Elaborating on the idea that not all image-schemas can be ranked on a par, the author makes a distinction between three different types of image-schematic subsidiarity relationships: (i) conceptual dependency (e.g. PATH and FORCE, where the latter depends on the former), (ii) "natural logic" entailment (e.g. REMOVAL OF RESTRAINT and ENABLEMENT, where the former "entails" the latter), and (iii) enrichment (e.g. PATH and CONTAINER, where either can become subsidiary to the other on an ad hoc basis). The analysis of the corpus enables the author to present a new taxonomy of the FORCE and subsidiary schemas and to describe the abstract domain of emotions in a coherent and structured manner. (Noelia Jiménez Martínez-Losa and Francisco Ruiz de Mendoza)