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Petruck, Miriam R. L. 2008. Framing motion in Hebrew and English In Rossini Favretti, Rema. Frames, Corpora, and Knowledge Representation (Collana: Biblioteca). Bologna: Bononia University Press. pp. 43–52. 10 pp. URL
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Bologna: Bononia University Press


This paper considers whether and how motion events are expressed in Hebrew with the same or different frame structures and Frame Semantics concepts as in English and recorded in the FrameNet database. Analyzing a sample text from the Hebrew translation of "The Hound of the Baskervilles", it presents a description of the expression of motion in Hebrew and compares it with that of English. Building upon Talmy's motion event typology concerning the expression of the path of movement of a figure with respect to a ground, the work lays a foundation for determining crosslinguistic differences in semantic realizations with respect to motion for Hebrew and English, and extends the investigation of validating FrameNet's implicit claims to a Semitic language. (Miriam Petruck)