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Radman, Zdravko. 1997. Metaphors: Figures of the Mind. Dordrecht: Kluwer. 186 pp.


Table of contents: 1. The Limits of Literalness 2. The Polysemic Chain of Meaning 3. Difficulties With Diagnosing the Death of a Metaphor 4. The Metaphorical Measure Of Meaning in Science 5. How is Radically New Knowledge Possible? Or: Bridging the New and the Old in a Metaphorical Way 6. How to Make Our Ideas Clear With Metaphors 7. Toward a Metaphor-Body Problem 8. Artificial Intelligence and the Natural Body 9. Key-Metaphors: A Case of Cross-Contextual Cognition 10. Of Mind, Metaphysics and Other Matters 11. How to Make Worlds With Metaphors 12. Metaphorical Projections of Possible Worlds