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McKie, Karin. 2013. Through a Glass, Brightly: The Magic of the Mirror Metaphor in Aemilia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rexjudxonun. Interdisciplinary humanities 30 (2) : 81–89. 9 pp.
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Like feminist writers of all generations, Aemilia Lanyer strove to gather like-minded and like-bodied individuals into a community, to gain and maintain a modicum of power and to bring the female experience into the public conversation. Lanyer's art reflects her life and uses the power, the repetition, the magic of artistic output and mirror metaphors to conjure, control and promulgate women's place in literary history. Lanyer's mirrors provide a true reflection of women, not one distorted by the male interpretation of the female. As Aemilia Lanyer, all writers, readers, and patrons create and claim a voice to be noticed and to be heard, as writing is a mirror of the creator and audiences seek art by, for and about themselves.