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Resche, Catherine. 1998. Discours métaphorique et monnaies: Les particularités de l'euro. Prace Językoznawcze 19-22 : 67–88. 22 pp.
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Since it is commonly acknowledged that the language of economics is studded with metaphors, we have focused our research on the field of currencies and more particularly on the euro, with a view to underlining the specificity of its discourse and to sharpening the analysis we merely outlined in a recent study of neology about the single currency. We felt it necessary to offer a brief review of the fundamental notions about metaphors in order to set the framework of our investigation. The questions of semiotics vs. semantics, of dead vs. living metaphors, and of the various functions of metaphors have been raised. Then we have analyzed the most frequently used metaphors when dealing with currencies in general, and with the euro in particular, in order to bring out the specificity of the euro and its discourse. Lastly, we have tried to analyze this metaphorical discourse and to show what a precious source of information metaphors can be as regards a given period of time and how telling a message they can convey as to the opinions of both the sender and the receiver. (LLBA 2000, vol. 34, n. 4)