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Punte, María José. 2013. “Locus amoenus” of Contemporaneity: the Island as a Metaphor for Writing.
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Pamplona: Universidad de Navarra


This article analyzes the quality of the island metaphor as an example of metafiction in two novels and a film: Luisa Valenzuela’s La travesía (2001), Victoria Slavuski’s Música para olvidar una isla (1993), and Julio Medem’s Spanish film Lucía y el sexo (2001). The paper begins with a revision of Wolfgang Iser’s text Das Fiktive und das Imaginäre for the discussion about what makes a fiction fictional, its inner configuration, and the different dynamics involved in the construction of a plot. One of these elements is the “locus amoenus”, used to describe the stylization of nature as one of these rhetorical elements which unveils fiction in literature. The ultimate aim of this approach is to establish the connection between the island, as a literary topic, and the act of writing, as a reconstructing and healing process.