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Hernández-Guerra, Concepción. 2013. Textual, intertextual and rhetorical features in political discourse: the case of President Obama in Europe. Revista de Lingüística y Lenguas Aplicadas 8 : 59–65. 7 pp.
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Universitat Politècnica de València


This paper analyzes President Barack Obama’s speech uttered at Strasbourg, France during his visit in Europe in 2009 about the need for the collaboration of Europe in the Afghan war, when Europe was against this participation. Barack Obama has been chosen as one of the most important political orators in the twentieth century. One of the most important characteristics of his speech is that his political discourse contains both features that are proper of a political discourse, but at the same time transmits his message in a personal and original style. This article makes a comprehensive analysis of the President’s speech, focusing on the vocabulary he uses, a comparison with his previous speeches, and the content and the purpose of the references he makes about other historical events in the American and European history.