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Chen, Hongjun, Tamara Runtsova and Huili Wang. 2013. Economy is an organism - a comparative study of metaphor in English and Russian economic discourse. Text & Talk 33 (2) : 259–288. 30 pp.
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Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton


This paper is a comparative study between the use of metaphors that described the global economic crisis of 2008 in Britain and in Russia. This investigation comprehends both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the metaphors under study. The results of the analysis reveal that both countries show a considerable similarity in terms of their use of high-level conceptual metaphors but show some differences in terms of frequency of use and linguistic expression. The research concentrates specially on the models ECONOMIC CRISIS IS A LIVING ORGANISM and ECONOMY IS A SICK ORGANISM. According to the quantitative study, this investigation has proved that metaphoric expressions are more frequent in English than in Russian articles and gives reasons for it. In the other hand, the pragmatic analysis shows that in the Russian corpus metaphors of the economic crisis contend more pragmatic strength and show more variety than in the English corpus. Economists, financial experts, translators, journalists, and ESP learners are among the experts that could benefit from the results of this research.