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Carbullanca Núñez, César. 2013. Signs of the times and metaphor Aesthetics of the signs of the time. Veritas 28 : 191–220. 30 pp.
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Based on the Nietzschean category of metaphor, this article proposes an investigation of the time signs in Latin American history. The study aims at a reading of Latin America from a new epistemological basis by studying the metaphors related to the signs of times as they were created. The paper describes childhood metaphors as the beginnings of a new era. This new era is understood as a cosmic and epistemological investment. The article also describes metaphors related to martyrdom and to the sign of Jonah. Finally, the paper presents metaphors that relate the concept of revelation with the signs of times by studying both the interrogation and the metaphors “cross to the other side” and “enigma”.