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Rosenblatt, Paul C. 1994. Metaphors of Family Systems Theory: Toward New Constructions. New York: Guilford. vi, 239 pp.


The book presents major metaphors, shows what is both highlighted and obscured by the metaphors, and frequently offers alternative metaphors that may illuminate what is obscured. Several alternatives are quite interesting, especially metaphors of the family as a river, a house, and a tapestry. Rosenblatt writes from a social constructionist perspective. (David W. Wright, Family Relations) This is an attempt to use Lakoff and Johnson (1980) to analyse the metaphors of family counseling. It is a practical work with real focus on using metaphors to reconstruct a patient's understanding of the family in therapy, as well as a fairly broad survey of the types of metaphors already in use in the counseling literature. (Tim Rohrer)