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Ruiz Gurillo, Leonor. 2000. Las metaforas de un dia en los medios de comunicacion espanoles (Current metaphors in the Spanish mass media). Estudios de Lingüística 14 : 199–215. 17 pp.


This paper takes up the idealized cognitive models (Lakoff, G., 1987) used in mass media about the breaking of the terrorist group ETA's truce: PEACE IS A WAY, TERRORISM IS AN ILLNESS, etc. The article starts by describing the metaphoric and metonymic aspects of idealized cognitive models. The rest of the article reviews some of the aspects of the comprehension of metaphors, such as cognitive acquisition, implicatures, and inferences. (LLBA, Adapted from the source document, Accession Number 200106836, (c) CSA [2000]. All rights reserved.)