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Rydning, Antin Fougner. 2002. Pénétrer la boîte noire du traducteur (Penetrating the black box of the translator). 13 pp.
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A combination of the two process-oriented approaches to studying professional translation online, verbal reporting, better known as TAP (think-aloud protocols); and Translog, a program used for logging keyboard activity, yields interesting data about what goes on in the translator's mind during a translation task. Assuming that our interpretation of metaphorical expressions depends upon conceptual metaphors, examples selected from the online data of two experienced professional Norwegian translators are used to show how the translation of metaphorical concepts is handled. Possible ways of using the above-mentioned online data qualitatively to test the hypothesis according to which translation is more than an interlinguistic comparison, requiring the mobilization of cognitive complements in the reformulation phase, are also suggested. (LLBA 2003, vol. 37, n. 5)