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Molina, Silvia and Isabel Alonso. 2013. Meaning transfer mechanisms in digital story-telling: "My shoes", a case study. Lleida: Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida. 7 pp.
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Book – conference proceedings
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This paper focuses on a new genre, i.e. digital stories, here defined as multimodal narratives in which events are recounted by mixing images, sounds and words. More concretely, the authors aim to provide the reader with a methodology for the investigation of the digital narrative entitled “My shoes”, in an attempt to prove the feasibility of a multimodal and cognitive pragmatic analysis of figurative language in digital storytelling. In so doing, the structure of this paper is as follows. First, the Molina and Alonso offer a brief introduction to digital storytelling. In section 2, the three stages of the methodology adopted here are presented, to wit: (i) a multimodal analysis; (ii) an analysis of figurative language; and (iii) a study of the social aspects of pragmatics. A fine-grained approach to each of the frames comprising “My shoes” is given in section 3. In this part of the paper, the role of metaphor and metonymy is highlighted. For example, readers are presented with a photo of the narrator’s sturdy shoes, which, according to the authors, is based on the metonymy OBJECT FOR USER.