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Schneider, Hans Julius. 2003. Das Prinzip der Ausdrückbarkeit, die Grenzen des Sagbaren und die Rolle der Metapher. 16 pp.
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The author discusses metaphor within the settings of Wittgenstein's 'Philosophical Investigations' ('Philosophische Untersuchungen'). Metaphors are to be seen as a result of the reversal of the direction of projection ('Projektionsrichtung'), postulated in this book. While in his 'Tractatus' Wittgenstein claims that languages mirrors reality, in his later work he points out that language also may project itself onto reality. The author illustrates his position while making reference to some problems arising in metalanguage which have been noticed by Gottlob Frege. In the present paper the discussion of metaphor is imbedded in a contrastive analysis supporting the view of the later Wittgenstein on the functions of language against John Searle's intentionalism. (Ralph Bisschops)