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Schulze, Rainer. 2004. Kognitive Grammatik: Sprache und Raum. Psychoanalytic Inquiry 5 : 38–49. 12 pp.


The paper presents the conceptualization of spatial relations and the language used for the expression of these concepts. It shows that there is an interaction between thinking and language. Linguistic signs are cognitively motivated. Schulze gives a description of spatial concepts using examples with the German preposition 'in'. Using the linguistic tools of 'trajector' and 'landmark' he presents some more contrastive examples of different spatial prepositions in English, Dutch, Spanish and Finnish; spatial concepts can also be expressed metaphorically like in THEORIES ARE BUILDINGS or LIFE IS A JOURNEY. Using Talmy's differentiation between satellite-framed and verb-framed languages he further looks at the expression of motion. A last chapter is dedicated to space and perspective. (Sabine De Knop)